NCCR North-South Dialogue No. 24by Nadia ShochBern, NCCR North-South 2010Migration and its interlinkages with development has become a topic of high interest for researchers as well as policymakers in the last few years. In the global South, topics such as emigration in combination with remittances, brain drain/gain and circulation, and the links between migration and development are the focus of interest. In the global North, the main focus of intense debate are immigration policies. Despite this increasing interest in migration and its various effects in source and host countries, both statistical data on migration and various development indicators are either relatively poor or completely lacking. However, data are needed to better understand the interaction of migration and development and to formulate new policies. There is also a great need for improved data. The present paper focuses on the availability and quality of globally comparable data on migration and selected development indicators, and describes the challenges and problems faced when working with such data.Schoch N. 2010. State of Statistical Data on Migration and Selected Development Indicators. NCCR North-South Dialogue 24. Bern, Switzerland: NCCR North-South.LanguageEnglishDownload Dialogue (PDF 3.3 MB)​