Completed PAMS Projects


Capacity building of water users on climate change risk management in Kyrgyz communities (transferring scientific knowledge and jointly testing opportunities for adaptation) 
Duration: September 2011 to October 2012 
Executing Agency: CAMP Alatoo
Partners: CDE
Mountain village inhabitants in Kyrgyzstan are exposed to climate-change effects such as natural disasters and changes in river runoff. They must in turn adapt their economic activities to these effects. This PAMS fostered such adaptation among rural communities. Scientific modelling of river runoff and land management showed that 40% to 70% of villagers’ irrigation water was lost due to weak management and obsolete infrastructure. Adaptive activities such as cleaning and deepening irrigation canals were supported via small-scale grants. The impact of these activities on the natural and socio-economic environment was discussed in workshops. The workshops helped increase people’s awareness of climate risks and helped them develop small-scale technologies to adapt to the risks. 

Evaluation of Agroforestry Technologies and Approaches to Prevent Natural Hazards in Erosion and Mass Wasting Prone Areas of Tajikistan 
Duration: February 2010 to March 2011
Executing Agency: CAMP Kuhiston
Partners: CDE
This PAMS in Tajikistan focused on disaster management by means of tree planting. CAMP Kuhiston, the Tajik Soil Institute, the Institute of Horticulture, and NCCR North-South researchers worked together to test the capability of tree plantations to stabilise soils that are prone to mass wasting. Local farmers received training in soil and water conservation, and fruit tree cultivation. Approximately 1,000 seedlings were planted by the community (e.g., apple, quince, cherry). The effects of these tree plantations on soil and water conservation will be monitored within RP11.

Pastoral Information System (PasIS) for Kyrgyzstan 
Duration: January 2008 to March 2009
Executing Agency: Kyrgyz Sheep Breeder’s Association (KSBA), Bishkek
Partners: CDE
In Central Asia, a constant increase in livestock has led to overuse of pastures. To ensure sustainable development, pasture use, livestock management, and marketing have gained in importance. In this PAMS, researchers and their partners collected relevant information on the use of pastures, animal health, disease control, and livestock marketing. A monthly newspaper – Aiyl Ajary – and weekly radio broadcasts were developed to disseminate this collected information among local herders and local authorities. The newspaper was presented in the local language and an attractive format, which contributed to its popularity. Both the newspaper and the radio broadcasts continued to be produced after project completion.




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