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Thematic Node 2:

Health, Services, Planning

The research projects in this category examine how to facilitate effective health and sanitation strategies through participatory planning. Their final aim is to aid the creation of interventions, health services and social programmes that are sustainable, equitable, reflect local conditions, meet the needs of local populations and reinforce their resilience.


Research Projects (RP)

RP7 - Reproductive resilience

Sexual and reproductive resilience of adolescents in East and West Africa

RP8 - Productive sanitation
Productive sanitation: Balancing between health risk, livelihood opportunities and environmental impacts

RP9 – User-driven sanitation
User-driven sanitation - gender and the challenge for sanitation demand

RP10 - Services for mobile populations
Social services and control of infectious diseases in mobile populations of Africa and Asia


Coordinating Partner Institutions

Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH), Basel
Department of Water and Sanitation in Developing Countries (SANDEC), EAWAG, Dübendorf



Patricia Schwärzler (Swiss TPH);  Christian Zurbrügg (Eawag)