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Migration, knowledge, and development

The role of knowledge and skills in the migration process in South and Central Asia

Drawing on various case studies that reflect the heterogeneity of migration – in South Asia, Central Asia and Switzerland – this research project aims to achieve a more differentiated understanding of the relationship between migration and development, particularly regarding circulation of knowledge and skills, as well as to generate evidence-based recommendations for supporting migrants’ ability to effect positive change.


Research Project Co-leaders

Susan Thieme
Development Study Group (DSGZ), Institute of Geography,
University of Zurich, Switzerland

Anita Ghimire
NCCR North-South, South Asia Regional Coordination Office
Kathmandu, Nepal


Partnership Regions Involved


Current Publications

Publications resulting from RP3 include:

Hatcher C. 2011. Making citizens legible: legacies of population registration systems in post-socialist cities. Working Paper for the Social Research Centre. Zürich, Switzerland: University of Zürich

Ghimire A, Adhikari J, Gurung G, Raj Upreti B, Rajbanshi A, Thieme S (editors). 2011. Nepal Migration Yearbook 2010. Kathmandu, Nepal: NCCR North-South and NIDS

Thieme S. [Forthcoming] “Action”: Publishing Research Results in Film. FQS – Forum: Qualitative Social Research.

Thieme S. [Forthcoming] Coming Home? Patterns and Characteristics of Return Migration in Kyrgyzstan. In: International Migration.


PhD Dissertations

PhD students focus on specific themes:

"Migration and Knowledge and Skills Exchange as a Factor of Development of the Kyrgyz-Turkish Relations" by Jarkyn Samanchina (Humanitarian University Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)

"Everyday production of the law: the appropriation of space by internal migrants in urban Kyrgyzstan" by Craig Hatcher (Dept. of Geography, University of Zurich)