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Landscape transformation

Landscape transformation in Southeast Asia, the Horn of Africa, and East Africa and its impact on environmental services in relation to markets and accessibility

In many developing countries, rapid changes in land use and land cover are impacting biodiversity and the land’s suitability for agriculture or carbon sequestration. A lack of meso-level data (i.e. data on a regional to national level) makes evidence-based policymaking difficult. Focusing on regions in Laos, Ethiopia and Kenya, this research project aims to provide an assessment of landscape transformation and generate spatial data and maps that policymakers may use to protect environmental services and the communities that depend on them.


Research Project Co-leaders


Andreas Heinimann
NCCR North-South c/o Water Resource and Environment Administration (WREA)
Prime Minister's Office, Lao PDR

Gete Zeleke 
Avallo International Research and Development (AIRD)
Addis Ababa , Ethiopia


Partnership Regions Involved