Partnership Actions for Mitigating Syndromes (PAMS) in the NCCR North-South: Capitalising on Experience

NCCR North-South Dialogue No. 17

by Peter Messerli, Thomas Breu, Karl Herweg, Franziska Pfister, Annika Salmi

Bern, NCCR North-South, 2007

Within the framework of Switzerland’s international NCCR North-South research programme, Partnership Actions for Mitigating Syndromes (PAMS) are a practice-oriented component with a transdisciplinary approach. By linking research and development practice, they bring together researchers, practitioners and local communities in a common effort to test and evaluate research findings in concrete development contexts. They provide unique insights into innovative approaches and opportunities for promoting sustainable development in countries of the South and East.
After an initial four-year phase, the PAMS projects implemented to date were evaluated in order to learn about their potentials and limits, as well as to decide on the direction of the component for the next phase of the programme. The present publication presents the results of this evaluation.

Messerli P, Salmi A, Herweg K, Pfister F, Breu T. 2007. Bridging Research and Development: Partnership Actions for Mitigating Syndromes (PAMS) in the Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) North-South – Capitalising on Experience. NCCR North-South Dialogue, 17. Bern, Switzerland: NCCR North-South.


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